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NeuraLight Partners with DiME Society on New IEP Project

NeuraLight Partners with DiME Society on New IEP Project

NeuraLight is excited to announce our partnership with the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) on a new project, Integrated Evidence Plans (IEP) for Digital Health Products (DHPs). 

DiMe is partnering with Peterson Health Technology Institute (PHTI), ZS Associates, NeuraLight, and other industry leaders for this project, which builds on DiMe’s successful U.S. Digital Health Regulatory Pathways for DHPs work and Evidence DEFINED framework to advance the use of IEPs for developing DHPs.

This project will bring together leads in digital health with U.S. payers, purchasers, policymakers, clinicians, and patient groups to streamline the collection of necessary evidence for all decision-makers on the path to market and optimize opportunities for commercial success. 

By speeding and streamlining the pathway to successful commercialization of high-value, evidence-based DHPs, the project will identify pathways to market for digital product developers and the pathways and evidence they require for buyers. It will also integrate the needs of regulators with all other downstream decision-makers and buyers such as payers, large employers, healthcare systems, and even patients themselves.

You can read more about the project here:

Vivian DeWoskin, MBA
Vivian DeWoskin, MBA
Chief Commercial Officer
Vivian is a dynamic commercial leader who has spent years working at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and data. Her academic background in cognitive and computational neuroscience and her many years of working closely with life sciences organizations combine to make her a strategic choice to lead the next phase of NeuraLight’s growth and development. Vivian is passionate about healthcare technology and its ability to positively impact patient care, particularly in neurodegenerative conditions with high unmet need. Vivian holds a BA in Psychology & Neuroscience from Princeton University, and an MBA from Berkeley Haas.
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